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Helping retailer businesses get through Covid-19 with skuIQ

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Brand Overview

SkuIQ is a Real Time Inventory SaaS (Software as a Service) provider in California, USA. It offers integrated eCommerce point-0f-sale systems to brick and mortar retailers selling both physical and online inventory. It enables physical retailers to offer omnichannel shopping options like in-store pickups, same-day delivery, reserve-in stores facilities directly from their mobile and web sites with 100% accuracy. SkuIQ is the world’s leading plug-and-play omnichannel system for inventory management and integrates with leading POS and ecommerce solutions like Shopify, Magento, Erply, Lightspeed, and Clover as well as add-ons including Amazon and eBay.

Brucira's Services

  • Illustrations
  • Graphic Design

The Challenge

Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, retailers all over the world are facing significant uncertainty. In a bid to connect with their consumers, business leaders are exploring unconventional options. But these unconventional methods come with their fair share of complexities. How would business leaders address them? There was no existing roadmap that could help retailers with the ‘next-steps’ to be taken to redefine their business during such a pandemic.

In order to address this gap, skuIQ worked with Retail Minded to come up with a Retail Roadmap. This consisted of a 10-point approach for retailers to identify their current status, their future goals, and how to get their business back on track.

skuIQ illustrationskuIQ illustration
skuIQ illustration

The Goals

  • Understanding the roadmap from a retailer’s perspective in order to create simple yet attractive illustrations.
  • These illustrations needed to clearly communicate the information to the target audience while simultaneously being easy to understand for the general audience.
  • Visually creating the roadmap while keeping it simple and effective without excluding any elements.
  • Keeping the illustrations in the story relatable to retailers.
skuIQ illustration
skuIQ illustrationskuIQ illustration
skuIQ illustration

The Approach

First, Brucira began by understanding the reason for the existence of the roadmap. Putting ourselves into the target audience’s shoes, we gained a clear understanding of the details in every step that needed to be brought to life in the roadmap. In a nutshell, here is what the roadmap entails:

  1. Review
  2. Reconsider
  3. React
  4. Reimagine
  5. Reidentify
  6. Reconnect
  7. Realign
  8. Reinvent
  9. Repurpose
  10. Reward

We proceeded with bringing these steps to life with illustrations. Here’s how we went about doing that:

  • We began the visualising process by collating all the information into an initial render and created a cover picture. This cover picture served as the source of reference for the 10 steps in the roadmap.
  • For article illustrations, we developed the story of a girl who owns a small retail business and is facing issues due to the pandemic so that the users could see their issues accurately represented and addressed.
skuIQ illustration
skuIQ illustrationskuIQ illustration

The Solution

SkuIQ’s needs were very clear: to visually express the 10-point storyline in a simple yet relevant manner. Brucira incorporated simple yet attractive illustrations to ensure the same.

Each step in the roadmap had its own, unique illustration that depicted the information of each article in a visually appealing form.

The Impact

These illustrations were well received by skuIQ’s internal team as they correctly catered to the need that existed within their enterprise.

Instead of passively reading the content on the roadmap, this endeavour ensured that the user was treated to informative yet visually appealing illustrations which increase overall engagement with the articles themselves.

skuIQ illustration