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Powering the new logo of Powerplay

powerplay banner

Brand Overview

Powerplay is a Bengaluru based company that helps you simplify end to end construction and architecture project management, and simplifies site-to-office communication. Their aim is to simplify construction site communication and collaboration, so that construction teams can focus on what really matters. They provide a customizable project dashboard that can be used to track inventory levels on site, give you highlights and issues, give automatic calculations for material and labour requirements, etc. It can be used by CXOs and owners, project managers, site engineers and supervisors.

Brucira's Services

  • Logo branding
powerplay screenpowerplay screen

The Need:

The earlier logo of Powerplay was more of an icon. It didn’t match their company and also did not go well with their brand guidelines.

The need was to establish a logo that looked good, and acted as the identity for Powerplay. Hence, with the Powerplay team’s inputs, we decided to give an overhaul to the brand, and began work on revamping their logo.

powerplay screenpowerplay screen

The Challenge:

For us, the challenge was both straightforward and complex at the same time. We understood the industry and the business of Powerplay too, but to put all of that information in describing a logo is where we had to scratch our heads tougher.

This logo had to stand out from the competition and still justify the company. Hence we began our research and then came up with a few sketches.

powerplay screen

The Approach

For the logo, after initial talks, we came up with multiple rounds of sketches. These sketches were then shared with the client to know how the initial reactions were, and if they had any inputs on the logo design. We then moved on to creating mockups, analysed how it looked on assets and then digitized the same. This usually takes time as there are a lot of iterations involved in this process.

powerplay screen
powerplay screenpowerplay screen

Denim Blue



Dodger Blue



Maya Blue



Oxford Blue



Paradise Pink





The Impact

After seeing their new logo, the Powerplay team was excited to see their online identity in a new light. They really liked the design, and the way we represented their company name through this new logo. The entire team appreciated our research and efforts, and they were ready to move ahead with their new logo.

To come up with a logo that is equal parts beautiful and identifiable is a huge task, and Brucira executed it with utmost perfection. They have connected our business symbols to make our logo and we have not just appreciated it, but also connected deeply to it. I would definitely recommend getting their services if you’re in the market looking for some tough business challenges to solve.

Lesh Dixit

Iesh Dixit

CEO & Co-founder