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Celebrating 3 Years of Brucira

We couldn't be more grateful for being able to celebrate our third anniversary in 2021 overcoming the troublesome times of 2020. These three years of awesomeness make us shout : Wow, What a ride! Take a sneak peak:)

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HelpingDisney+ Hotstarreach the next billion

disney+ hotstar banner

Brand Overview

After successfully launching in the West, Disney’s popular video streaming platform Disney+ turned towards one of the largest markets in the world — India. Disney acquired one of the most popular home-grown streaming platforms in the country, Hotstar, and merged its Disney+ offering to become Disney+ Hotstar in India. From iconic Marvel movies and delightful Pixar films to thrilling regional films, Disney+ Hotstar offers a plethora of choices for every viewer.

Brucira's Services

  • Multilingual typography for movie posters
  • Sketching
  • Vectorizing
  • Typography effects

The Challenge

In order to appeal to the multilingual Indian market, it was important to promote the movies that offered dubs in various Indian languages in the right way. Without offering multilingual movie posters, Disney+ Hotstar risked alienating a large chunk of their audience in India who did not understand English. Regional audiences prefer consuming content in their native languages so it was important for Disney+ Hotstar to promote their movies in these languages.

The objective was to create multilingual typography of movie titles that were originally in English into Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. The new typography needed to retain the essence of the original titles while adhering to the nuances and needs of the regional languages spoken in India. Most importantly, the visual identity of the movie posters needed to match with the visual genre of the film. To ensure perfect recreations, Brucira collaborated with Sudeep Gandhi & Manish Patil during the typography and vectorizing stages.

Disney+ Hotstar frozenDisney+ Hotstar avengers

The Objective

  • To capture a significantly large regional audience for Disney+ Hotstar content by showcasing movie posters in three major Indian languages.

The Approach

  • First, the movie titles were accurately translated into the desired Indian language. There could be no errors at this stage.
  • Next, we keenly explored the aesthetics of the language — Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu which each had different linguistic sensibilities and needed to be expressed accordingly.
  • Each film title had different sets of characters — understanding & designing them correctly was both visually as well as linguistically important.


  • Once the raw content was ready, we began sketching out the movie titles in the three languages while following the rules of the language’s script.
  • In order to make the movie titles optically similar and avoid a mechanical feel, we studied the strokes and axes of each title. We adapted the basic strokes first and then converted them into letterforms.
  • We ensured the spacing between the letterforms as well as around them were perfectly even. Visually, the movie title was composed to look like a cohesive unit instead of individual letters/characters strung together.


  • Once the sketches were complete, we converted them into a detailed vector output.
  • Black and white vectors allow you to find any faults in the design easier. Each movie title was analysed to make sure stroke angles, weight, sizes, etc. were all correctly done.
  • Some film titles like Avengers: Infinity War feature two sets of characters that required two designs to come together to form an aesthetically pleasing poster.
  • It was important to consider two or more character titles both individually as well as a group unit.

Adding Effects

  • When it comes to languages that don’t use the roman script, especially regional languages in India, each individual letter is written in a particular way — the length of the letters and their accents had specific angles, strokes, and curves that needed to be replicated correctly.
  • Since these needed to be highlighted according to the original movie posters, the team meticulously perfected the light angles during the vectorizing stage.
  • The effects from the original posters’ themes were merged with the recreated ones ensuring correct light-shadow balance and highlights without straying from the originals.
Disney+ Hotstar frozenDisney+ Hotstar avengers

The Impact

Brucira recreated 28 movie posters in Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil across Marvel, Pixar, and Disney movies. Some of the major titles included Avengers: Civil War, Tangled, Frozen, Frozen II, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 & Vol 2, Aladdin, and more.

These multilingual movie posters acted as the required doorway for the regional audiences and gave them access to international content in their preferred language. This resulted in a considerable increase in the potential viewer market for Disney+ Hotstar.

I can’t say enough good things about Brucira. They were great partners, really drove the creative direction and successfully delivered the posters which garnered love from millions of users. We enjoyed the sprint progress with them. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a design partner.

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav Joshi

Head of Design, Disney+ Hotstar