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Illustrations for City One App

city one

Brand Overview

City One is a South African carpooling App for daily commutes. For its debut on AppStore, it needed illustrations that stops visitors from further scroll and stick to CityOne screens. To make screens gluey we played with the strongest emotion-motivation of rider and driver. We created striking illustrations and CityOne won the badge 'App of the Day' and was also seen as the 'Featured App'.

Brucira's Services

  • Brand Colours
  • Illustrations
  • Moodboard

Problems Faced

Carpooling as an App concept is becoming common and CityOne needed the App to stand out of the stack of similar apps. The theme was not decided, the App however functional lacked any emotional connect or aspirations. We chose to play on the strongest emotion-motivation, but it had to be for both type of users-driver and rider. All this had to be done within a strict deadline of 2 days as AppStore had approved the submission of App and illustrations were needed for the debut on the decided day.


  • To make it a habbit-forming product.
  • To convey benefits for both the sides(driver and rider).
  • To make users comfortable and engaged by giving a native South African look and feel to the App.
  • Tight deadline of 2 days.

Perceived & Delivered

  • To bring City One as people's own App, we used native colors, a comforting blue for rider screens and warm sunny yellow for driver screens.
  • Made the whole experience of journey very friendly for both the sides.
  • As CityOne is a carpooling App, there was no primary and secondary user. While we created a safe environment for rider, we brought out the easy money collection aspiration of driver.
  • And for the 2 days deadline we just worked tiredlessly and smartly.

Important Links

City One became 'App of the Day' on AppStore. We thank team Brucira for developing striking illustrations in a short notice. The illustrations looked so reassuring and evoked the right emotions. These illustartions were critical and we couldn’t have possibly got the App debut on AppStore and carry on post launch promotions without team Brucira. I can’t wait to work with them again. They are wonderful and smart people.



Co Founder, City One