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Redesiging App and Iconography forZepto


Zepto is a popular e-commerce platform which offers grocery deliveries in 10 minutes. It has a presence across all the major cities of India and they are rapidly launching their services across the remaining cities as well. They offer a wide range of products and deliver to almost every imaginable area in respective cities. Considering its fast service, rich product range and seamless civic penetration, Zepto has become a bankable company that investors and customers trust.


  • App Redesign
  • Iconography and Illustrations
zepto screenzepto screen
zepto screen
zepto screen

The Problems:

Zepto needed visual hierarchy and a fresh design. It had to become more user-friendly, match the competing apps and gradually surpass them.

Early on through the discovery call and briefing sessions, we collated the essentials that were missing from the previous version of the Zepto App. From the lack of categories for product selection to the dearth of visual hierarchy, there are many design basics that needed to be addressed to make Zepto’s App more delightful. We made a note of all these challenges and also understood their expectations for home page design.

Team Zepto wanted to make their app better and improve user journeys. The end goal was to further grow their business by organically increasing engagement on their app and simplifying decisions, actions and overall experience for their customers.

The intent was to deeply understand users’ needs through the medium of their app. The new app had to enable users to order faster and place orders for high value. The discoverability of products had to be improved as well. Dynamism was one of the main asks by the team, it entailed making the overall user experience more lively and engaging.

zepto screen
zepto screen
zepto screen

The Solution:

We walked in the shoes of the users and understood all the problems they could possibly encounter. From the home page to the order placement, we worked a lot to improve the discoverability of new products across the app and made sure to customize the home page as per festivals, and national events in the country.

Our approach revolved around introducing hierarchy, clear classification and categorization, striking the right visual balance, typographic hierarchy, and appropriate use of colours as much as possible. Our team also reimagined the whole app of Zepto and ideated new sections such as introducing Zepto cafe for coffee-related orders.

For instance, during Diwali, we made the visual imagery across the app warmer and more vivid without making any major changes in the UI. Third-party ad banner placement is also something that we reimagined and enhanced. We ensured to make the app more visually useful, attractive and good for business.

The Impact

Our app redesign was received very well by the leadership at Zepto. They commended our illustrations and ideation, execution for iconography as well. Collectively, our creative approach and timely delivery have helped in meeting the end goals of Zepto and living up to their expectations from this project.