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Redesigning App and Iconography for Zepto

Zepto is an online grocery platform that promises 10 min delivery

Zepto is a popular e-commerce platform which offers grocery deliveries in 10 minutes. It has a presence across all the major cities of India and they are rapidly launching their services across the remaining cities as well. They offer a wide range of products and deliver to almost every imaginable area in respective cities. Considering its fast service, rich product range and seamless civic penetration, Zepto has become a bankable company that investors and customers trust.

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Services we provide

User interface

By adding the UI elements like typography, illustrations and animations, we updated the interface to make Zepto’s app distinctive and memorable among its competitors.

User experience

To create meaningful and enjoyable experiences, we considered factors such as usability, accessibility, visual design, and interaction design.

Iconography and illustrations

We incorporated bright colors for our icons and illustrations to convey the feeling of freshness that is associated with groceries.

Motion design

The directional icons as well as banners were animated to make the design engaging for the users.

User research

We conducted user research to understand the problems people face and address their pain points.


Our biggest challenge was to design an interface that was both engaging and delightful for the user. It had to be highly intuitive, usability aligned with a clean architecture.

We had to ensure quick discoverability of the important features. To address this, we needed Intentional usage of the UI elements that would make the options clear and easily accessible throughout the app, thus facilitating easy navigation.

One of the key considerations was updating the interface to make it distinctive and memorable among its competitors. Lastly, we had to create an IA that was flexible enough to evolve as per user needs and behavior, while also scaling to meet their business goals.

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Creating designs to improve discoverability of new products to increase the likelihood of potential users purchasing them

We added a category list on the home screen for quick navigation and a product suggestion section. Additionally, we developed a dedicated category screen with clear visibility of promotions and new product launches. These features enhance the browsing experience and improve customer engagement as well as discoverability of new products for Zepto.

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We identified several key requirements to ensure that the platform meets the needs of customers and provides a delightful user experience.

Understanding customer needs was a primary focus. We also prioritized enabling customers to order faster and with higher cart value, improving discoverability of new products, enhancing user engagement, and creating a scalable and dynamic homepage.

In addition, we provided options for customers to subscribe by scheduling product delivery and communicated value perception and ETA clearly. Overall, our design approach aimed to create a platform that is scalable and adaptable to future business requirements.

zepto screen
zepto screen
zepto screen

Creating a scalable yet dynamic home page that evolves with user and business needs to accommodate increasing content

To cater to the changing needs of users and businesses, we focused on creating a homepage that is both scalable and dynamic (allowing for the easy addition of new features and functionalities as required). This involved taking into account local, seasonal, and festival-related requirements to ensure that the platform stays relevant throughout the year. We also prioritized creating a seamless browsing experience, ensuring that users can easily navigate the homepage to find what they need.

We initiated a creative process of ideation for iconography, by exploring sketches of grocery items and other intriguing elements. After preparing the sketches, we experimented with various vectorization styles that would align with the brand's personality and add a touch of fun and realism to the designs. Finally we ensured that the illustrations were lively, relatable and directly communicated with the audience.

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Our team followed the iterative design process, the flexibility allowed us to ideate along the way and improve during the design iterations. We regularly created new designs, validated it with the target audience and refined it according to their feedback.

To design potential solutions, we spent time understanding the problems people face and addressing their pain points. Once the requirement was framed, we began to create different solutions by conducting design collaboration sessions to identify the best way.

During the above phase, we initiated prototyping to test and refine our solutions. After a few iterations when all the feedback was incorporated in the designs, we moved on to converting the prototypes into high fidelity designs by introducing the UI elements such as typography, illustrations, animation along with other details.

For user flows and navigation, we crafted a roadmap to plan and map out how users would move through the app. We defined the hierarchy and navigation structure, which enabled us to organize the content into screens based on their relative importance.

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zepto screen
zepto screen
zepto screen
zepto screen


Incorporated modern design trends and best practices, maintained a consistent look and feel and simplified navigation.

Optimizing the user journey through revamped app design

We successfully redesigned Zepto's app by implementing various changes to enhance the user experience. The home screen was redesigned with a bottom navigation bar and a header to allow easy access to frequently used touchpoints. Categories were listed on the home screen and a dedicated category screen was created to explore all available products.

Wallet, search, and order tracking screens were optimized for efficiency and user engagement. Empty state and success state screens were designed to create meaningful experiences. Iconography was creatively ideated and designed with bright colors and supportive elements to convey freshness and excitement.


Our app redesign was well received by the leadership at Zepto. They commended our creative approach towards illustration, ideation and execution of iconography. We are proud to have lived up to their expectations, and our timely delivery of this project also helped them in meeting their end goals.

Providing a fresh and innovative design helped Zepto to improve its discoverability of new products, leading to increased customer engagement and revenue.

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Zepto was allied with Brucira for more than a year and I must say, they delivered on all of our expectations. Their communication throughout the process was excellent, and they were always willing to go the extra mile. Their attention to detail and creativity turned our vision into beautiful and functional designs and as a result we saw a significant boost in our customer facing metrics (such as conversation rate).

Lesh Dixit

Kaivalya V.

Co Founder & CTO - Zepto