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Celebrating 3 Years of Brucira

We couldn't be more grateful for being able to celebrate our third anniversary in 2021 overcoming the troublesome times of 2020. These three years of awesomeness make us shout : Wow, What a ride! Take a sneak peak:)

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Titan Eyeplus in with the new

titan eye plus

Brand Overview

In twelve years Titan Eyeplus has gone from a fresh venturer to leader in online eyewear industry, providing end-to-end services to millions of users.

Even after four years of rapid growth in offline stores, Titan Eyeplus’ mobile traffic no longer reflected the stature of the company. We followed an optimized UX strategy, tweaked and reworked and refined. This meant overhauling the overall experience and developing more sophisticated e-commerce portal.

Brucira's Services

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Iconography and Illustrations
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Mobile Web
  • Motion Design
  • User Acceptance Testing

The Challenges

Improving the conversion funnel from explorers to buyers to purchases and higher products viewed per customer on every visit.. along with an increase in the number of customers successfully checking out. Improving the user purchase journey by reducing friction at every stage of funnel was a key indicator of performance.


The Approach

We went through the existing metrics and pain points. Analysing user dropoffs and loop holes is a crucial part of our pre design process Which helps us gain valuable insights and define a direction across our team. When we come across certain numbers, and couple them with the clients requirements, certain solutions — just click.

Going through each and every screen to identify problems and user drop offs. There were a couple obvious issues and certain minute, and annoying bugs to squash. Both for us, and millions of other customers.

With the increasing number of clients, newer users, clients have a very peculiar set of requirements. PRDs help us keep track of our client’s requirements throughout the duration of each project and collaborate across departments.

titan eye plus

The Impact

We kicked off the project with a series of style tiles. Taking a multiple aesthetic approach, we worked closely with Titan’s team to define how products were to be perceived.

The new tile style was aimed at being adaptable and flexible. The idea was to power users to pick the right products, cutting needless diversions, while not oversimplifying the interface. To achieve a clean yet functional interface which made sense, we decided to show existing ratings of the products and the prices. The product detail page has been kept very clear and concise. We didn’t move away from the carousel but welcomed it. Sticking with global design patterns is very important in certain places, rather than reinventing the wheel. More information about the frames was made available through the screens with additional shipping information. We thought through various folds to meet both- the customer, and the business needs.

Between eliminating minor fixes and final user testings, our users loved using Titan’s Eye Plus for mobile. Check out Titan Eye Plus on your mobile phone now. We think you’re gonna love it.

Brucira team understood the problem statement clearly and gave a satisfactory deliverable to us. They were very proactive in their entire design approach. Their Design thought process was customer focused and was very simple

Maneesh Krishnamurthy

Maneesh Krishnamurthy

Head of E-commerce & Distribution, Titan Company Ltd.