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Created a conversion-based, user-friendly website for Stories+

Brand Overview

Stories+ enables marketers to advertise and differentiate their brands by using an interesting way for creating stories. It offers an end to end platform to brands to deliver Stories on the open web. They create stories using interactive elements that can be made across a variety of formats. These stories can also be further optimized for various scales.

Such seamless experiences and the overall platform of Stories+ enables brands to outperform the traditional creative executions. It also enables them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Brucira's Services

User Interface

The offerings of Stories+ are one of their kind. We worked hard to do justice to them by creating an intuitive user interface that effectively communicates their value proposition. Furthermore, we ensured that the interface is seamless across web and mobile platforms by clearly defining the sections and placing call to actions to nudge the users.

User Experience

The core of Stories+ revolves around creating insightful, interesting stories that redefine brands. We designed a user experience that could visually translate their offerings. We created an experience for them much in line with the idea of stories. Every time a user visit Stories+, they wouldn’t feel as if they are going through a story, rather they are a part of it.

Logo Designing

Stories+ is offering a visual breakthrough to brands across the globe. Therefore, its logo had to depict its global impact and also appear visually relevant. Keeping this thought in mind, we designed a minimal yet specific logo for Stories+. It could be depicted as an icon and in totality, it seamlessly fit the longer version of the logo.

Iconography and Illustrations

Much like the brand of Stories+, the icons and illustrations had to visually tell a story. We designed a visually appealing set of icons, illustrations that could pacify the users scrolling through them. Functionally, we ensured that they encapsulated the essence of copy that supported it. Placement wise, various icons, illustrations were created for various pages, sections and they effectively conveyed the message.

User Research

The basis of every great website, user experience is backed by fundamental research and clear understanding of the demographics a company is catering to. Before starting with the project of Stories+, we meticulously studied their niche, their user personas, demographic and then started with ideation post the approval by the team.

Web Design

Stories+ had to have a visual face that reflected its intuitive offerings. We designed a website that clearly communicates them. While doing the same, we kept a close tab on the copies, various sections and ensured to keep them cohesive. Cumulatively, they helped in creating a website that lived up to Stories+ as a brand.

Mobile Web

While the website of Stories+ was in line with their offerings, its mobile web version could not be neglected. We laid equal emphasis on its design and structured it to optimize more traffic and user engagement through the mobile interface of Stories+.



We collaborated to create a website that educates the users, helps them understand the comprehensive services provided by Stories+. The Stories+ team wanted a website that communicated their core philosophy and their offerings.

The main objective of the website was to educate the users and help them understand the services provided by Stories+. Also, a user experience which could increase customer acquisition, conversion rates had to be designed.

stories-plus screen

Problem Statement

Conceptualizing and designing a website for Stories+ by following the business model in the given niche, that is advertising and marketing. We also had to apply the fundamental knowledge of Research, Information Architecture (IA), Wireframes, Visual Design and Prototyping to create highly user-friendly experiences.


  • Intuitively educating users about the unique offerings of the product.
  • Achieving an innovative brand identity with the help of a new website and thereby engaging users in an interesting manner.
  • Developing the website on WordPress with diversified animations was one of the most demanding deliverables.
  • Using subtle animations to effectively communicate the offerings of Stories+.
  • Helping the users to appreciate the product effortlessly and deliver an unforgettable experience.
  • Designing intuitive and consistent website, mobile web.
  • Evoking a playful and fun visual feel by keeping it practical and efficient at the same time.
stories-plus screen

The Approach

Design is just not about aesthetics but it is also about functionality. Hence, while working on this project, our team ensured a user-centric approach by combining the structure and experience in a balanced way to accomplish the goals.

During the first phase, we collected the user requirements for defining the product and to align the strategy. The research helped us to develop an understanding of the competition in the existing domain. With the help of this analysis, we created user personas and user stories.

Considering all the inputs gathered during the research phase, we created wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. We followed an iterative design process that enabled us to get early and rapid resolutions.


We were quite specific in our approach while designing the website pages, mainly the landing page. Also, we ensured that the user-experience and even the platforms remained intuitive by putting the following to practice:

  • Navigation Bar or the header has tabs that are at the same hierarchical level along with the highlighted CTA: Contact Sales. This guides the users to take the next action to achieve their intent on the website.
  • Sections of landing, experience and platform page answers the questions like why Stories+ is needed, how we help business and what we do. It also shares the visual experience of how the stories would look and how they will impact the brand's identity.
  • The copies used in sections resonate with the user’s problems and connect with what they are looking for.
  • Showcasing testimonials from similar demographics built trust in the brand and influenced the users to try the product.
  • Highlighting their products like Stories+ player and analytics which help the users to convert ads into stories and compare the story performance in real time.
  • As the product is unique in the world of marketing, therefore, we added a standalone section on pre-sale FAQ that displays results for anything post-sale to support the page.


  1. The final website, mobile web, was well received by the clients. Scroll animations and micro-interactions that we created for them stood out and differentiated them from their competitors.
  2. All the pages are kept concise and minimal to have a cognitive experience. This helped in ensuring easy navigation and thereby focused on the features and functionality of the product.
  3. Our creativity, imagination and hard work was rewarded as we got the final website of Stories+ featured onland-book as the best landing page inspiration.

Brucira helped us with a powerful logo and a beautiful-yet-functional website - both of which stand by our brand identity. At first, it felt difficult to believe that a brand identity could be set for a company in this industry, but the team’s efforts speak for themselves. Highly recommended if you’re in the market for giving your organization a new brand identity, or looking to revamp your existing one.

Lesh Dixit

Vijay Kumar

Founder & CEO, Automatad Inc.