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Red Bangle - Redefining Brand Content Creation through a Fresh Strategy and Website

About Red Bangle

From a global film and video collaborative to a leading brand content solution provider, Redbangle has created over 4000 pieces of audio-visual content for 50 brands in 25 countries over the last six years. Now, offering end-to-end solutions, Redbangle leverages its expertise in marketing, creativity, and technology to bridge growth gaps and drive successful digital campaigns for businesses in India.

Comprising a skilled team of strategists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and technologists, Redbangle is committed to reshaping content creation for ambitious brands both in India and worldwide.


we did

Website UXUI Design

Our team designed an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface, backed by detailed user research to ensure optimal usability.

Mobile web Design

Reducing the amount of content on the mobile version of the website to prioritize the most important information for mobile users.

Web Development

We developed a robust and responsive website that enhanced the user experience and interaction.


This collaboration wasn't just about meeting the challenge; it was about surpassing it. The focus extended beyond aesthetics, encompassing a website redesign that not only reflects RedBangle's consistent brand identity but also serves as a captivating platform for their product.

The partnership between RedBangle and Team Brucira epitomizes the synergy born from shared values and a joint commitment to excellence. With a renewed brand, a refined design language, and an easily navigable website, RedBangle is now well-positioned to make a lasting impact on a global scale.


Use of photography



In the quest for a unified global identity, RedBangle aimed to establish a cohesive brand and design language for their new website. Acknowledging the shortcomings of their previous site—devoid of depth and visually compelling elements—the objective was not only to boost brand visibility but also to present their product in a more accessible format.

Through thorough market research and data analysis, actionable opportunities in design were identified.

The resulting website now boasts a consistent look and feel across all communication channels. Our bespoke and systemic approach ensures scalability, allowing the website to easily expand as RedBangle's marketing and client base grow.

  • (01)Project Discovery and Planning
  • (02)Define Requirements
  • (03)Information Architecture
  • (04)Moodboard
  • (05)Wireframes
  • (06)Visual Design
  • (07)Development
  • (08)Content Creation
  • (09)Testing
  • (10)Launch
  • (11)Post-Launch and Maintenance

Crafting Distinctive
Brand Presence

In crafting Red Bangle's visual identity, we meticulously curated and defined key visual elements that capture the essence of the brand. Throughout this process, we collaborated closely with the RedBangle design team to ensure the website aligns seamlessly with the new brand positioning.

From carefully selected color palettes to thoughtfully chosen typography and graphic elements, every decision was made with precision to establish a cohesive and impactful visual language that reflects Red Bangle's mission and values. These defined visual elements lay the groundwork for a distinct and recognizable brand presence across diverse platforms and communication channels.





Layout grids are key to effective website design, providing structure, consistency, and user-friendly organization for visually pleasing sites that work seamlessly on various devices.


Refined Messaging for Lasting Success

We refined our messaging, prioritizing our target audience by clearly communicating the benefits RedBangle offers. By identifying and accentuating our strengths, we've injected personality into the brand, laying the foundation for lasting recognition and success."


Creating Given the majority of visitors using mobile devices, creating a custom mobile design is essential in web development. Our tailored approach ensures a seamless and optimal experience for users across devices.



Design Pages Crafted: Balancing Aesthetics, Usability,and Functionality in Effective Web Design


Brand Content
Production Agency

Strategists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and technologists redefining content creation for ambitious brands


Strategic BrandRe-focus: Elevating Vision and Impact

Embark on a transformative journey of strategic brand re-focus with RedBangle. We redefine vision and amplify impact through meticulous planning and innovative strategies, breathing new life into their brand.

Our purposeful website design ensures resonance with the audience and stands out in the competitive landscape. Experience the power of strategic branding with us.

for Growth



After five months of collaboration, the new RedBangle website experience is live. With the successful restructuring and creation of over 20+ web pages, we've brought consistency and focus to the RedBangle brand.

The refreshed identity, visual strategy, website experience, and design system empower RedBangle to confidently target a more upscale market. Now equipped with a people-friendly, quirky, bold, and uniquely RedBangle identity, they are poised for success.