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Transforming Cloud Security: Pingsafe's  Website Redesign

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PingSafe is a Unified Cloud Security Platform to secure your multi-cloud infrastructure.

PingSafe is an industry-leading cloud security platform with a comprehensive knowledge of the attackers’ modus operandi. It helps businesses across various sizes and verticals transform cloud security and eliminate all hidden and exploitable vulnerabilities at blazing-fast speed and scale.

Anand Prakash, the Founder and CEO, is a renowned white hat hacker who ranked in the top 5 bug bounty hunters by companies like Meta, Uber, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Salesforce. He was featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia - Enterprise Technology.

PingSafe is backed by Sequoia Capital's Surge and Tanglin Venture Partners.

we provide

Web redesign

Our team designed an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface, backed by detailed user research to ensure optimal usability.

Mobile web redesign

Reducing the amount of content on the mobile version of the website to prioritize the most important information for mobile users.


We developed a robust and responsive website that enhanced the user experience and interaction.

Iconography and illustrations

Through tailored animations, custom illustrations, and unique iconography, we added a layer of visual storytelling that resonated with the brand.

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Trust is crucial in the cloud security sector due to the prevalent threat of breaches. PingSafe sought a solution to gain customer trust by showcasing their values, processes, and services in an authentic and compelling manner. They also aimed to communicate their product's features effectively to multiple stakeholders involved in the process.

Revolutionizing PingSafe's Online Presence: A Journey from Outdated to Outstanding website

After a detailed discussion call with the leadership and the founding team at Pingsafe, we noted down and talked about the brief that they shared. Having understood their vision for the brand, their mission, their growth map, and end goals for Pingsafe, we felt empowered to start working. Post the discussion and a rigorous brainstorming session with our internal team, we commenced the project by first focusing on IA, then proceeded to generate wireframes, developed design drafts, and ultimately arrived at the final website design.


We adopted an iterative approach to tackle these challenges. Initially, we went live with the refreshed branding and a few key pages of the website. Once the new branding was established, we launched the rest of the site, encompassing 18-20 additional pages. This phased approach allowed us to gather and implement feedback in real-time. It resulted in a final product that not only met but exceeded client expectations.

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Unique illustrations and effective UX patterns helped PingSafe to standout as an innovative software security solutions provider.

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The newly launched PingSafe website, characterized by a clean, focused, and user-centric design, has significantly elevated the brand's market presence. With its contemporary branding and intuitive interface, PingSafe is now poised to inspire trust and successfully communicate its superior offerings, effectively setting a new standard in the cloud security industry.