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Illustrations for Google’s Onduo


Brand Overview

Google's Onduo is a virtual healthcare program that helps patients get their Type 2 Diabetes in control with its range of offerings including diabetes health tools, coaching and clinical support. Our task was to create a visual journey through our illustrations depicting procedure and daily routines also ensuring that user is able to relate to it and feel comfortable about the whole experience.

Brucira's Services

  • Colour Scheme
  • Illustrations
  • Moodboard

Problems Faced

Being a heath App, it had to be effective and human. The idea was to depict a healthy lifestyle and showing Onduo solutions as a health partner, supporting and comforting patients. The mood had to be assuring and warm. Characters, App functionality and choice of colors had to be in harmony.


  • Diabetes can affect a person at any stage of life, defining a relatable user persona was the biggest challenge.
  • The App user journey had to align with lifestyle and daily routine of the persona.
  • Company's image had to come out through design as a health partner and not just a health App.
  • Website used a mix of human images and illustrations, the illustrations had to gel in.

Perceived & Delivered

  • Created a user persona that related with actual customer profile (mostly urban) and also homepage human images used.
  • Understood each stage of App usage and showed how it can align with a busy urban lifestyle
  • Showed app functionalities and journey of user from distress to bliss.
  • Ensured the illustartion was in line with overall look and feel of website.

Important Links

Siddhita contributed illustrations for our website Through the illustrations we are able to tell the product story in a very delightful and warm way. Despite the difference in time zones (PST vs IST), She was promt in sharing the progress status. The open-minded approach when receiving feedback, and keen eye for perfection in design is something I really admired. I would definately recommend her for future projects. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful things she will create! Thank you for the great work!

Peilun Shan

Peilun Shan

Design Lead at Verily (formerly Google X Life Sciences)