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UI/UX Design for Kyte


Brand Overview

Y Combinator backed is a smart SMS App that blocks SPAMS and automatically organizes user's inbox. also got featured in Inc 42 list as startup creating a buzz. Brucira collaborated with the team Kyte to improve the overall UI, fixing information architecture & overall UX - default and dark mode.

Brucira's Services

  • UI/UX Design
  • Dark UI
  • Iconography
  • Logo Refinement

Problems Faced

With its robust technology & AI Kyte had capability to pull right data on-demand and also categorize it. But the rest had to be figured out. The primary and secondary buckets of SMS, folders, SMS stack within folders, appearance of alerts and notifications etc were to be thought again. Existing version had to be worked on for stated problems along with other issues like mobile view readibility, screen transitions to name a few.


  • To define the SMS stacking and freezing primary and secondary actions and corresponding display of elements on the screens.
  • To improve readibility.
  • To improve user-app communication by highlighting important events and information using overlays and creatives.
  • Create a dark UI theme retaining the same personalities.
kyte featurekyte feature

Perceived & Delivered

  • Along with the Product Head we defined and redefined SMS stacking which forms base for the app function.
  • Brought right information on the right screens, sorted content to ensure that there was not too much nor too less.
  • Introduced smart card pop ups for the upcoming events notifications.
  • For dark UI we adopted flat designs with no shadows. which also help us optimze the usage of screens and reduced development effort for team.

Important Links is a smart SMS App built to block SPAM and automatically organise the user’s inbox using our state-of-art technology. Team Brucira helped us freeup screens action area, form relevant SMS stacks and improve the overall user experience with neat design. We had a great experience working with the team.

Ravish Naresh

Ravish Naresh

Co Founder, Kyte