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Brand Overview

A real-estate rental and purchase app for everyone, and a discovery brand for people who hate going to real estate agents, Housing uses sophisticated technologies to track down the places everybody wants, before everybody knows they exist.

This project was developed by our co-founder Harsh when he worked at Housing. His idea was to help Housing bring clarity to its original vision of making house hunting a breeze. A UX strategy was developed which focused on clarity and intuitive interface. The task was to transform rough ideas and a rudimentary website into an elegant and intelligent user portal.

Brucira's Services

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  • Front End Development

The Challenges

Many websites help people find a limited set of properties and apartments. Housing is not one of those platforms. Housing was solving a problem — one that connected thousands of brokers and owners with millions of potential buyers and tenants. The most crucial ask was to create an unmistakable appeal to its natural audience, for which Housing needed to feel like a premium brand.

People had limited portals to go to, with limited listings, and the worst part: lacked substance to establish trust.

Housing UIHousing UI

The Approach

The first challenge in designing Housing’s native app and the website was to bring the new vision to life with all its attitude and eccentricities intact, balancing style with sleek design and functionality. The second challenge was organizing all of Housing’s different views, data structures and combinations of content — places and neighborhoods, and guides — to create a product that would feel seamless and intuitive, both on the map and informative listing.

In addition to detailed information about individual apartments, areas, amenities and other landmarks, Housing includes guides to whole neighborhoods and suggests places for tailored needs for people.

Housing’s Data algorithms crunch information (like offline transactions) from brokers to create innovative features such as heat-map of the city based on per sq ft prices, a topographic representation of amenities near property locations and time-decay algorithms to check when a listing should have materialized into a deal. We used the data and worked on its effective presentation.

Housing UI

The Impact

Housing was released in February 2015. It has 4.1 out of 5 stars on the App Store & 4.3 stars on the Play Store. The portal has 109,035 verified properties listings across 23 Indian cities and is managed, updated, verified and filtered by a solid staffing of 800+ employees of whom 70 members are staffed in Mumbai HQ. At present, they list over 2,000 houses a day which will soon increase to 10K-12K houses every day.

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I’ve had a long-lasting partnership with Brucira is undoubtedly the best agency we’ve worked with so far. I really appreciate that they take ownership. Brucira understands our product and has been able to add new features with a great focus on delivery.

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav Joshi

Head of Design, Housing.