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Housing Dev Panel
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Brand Overview

The new platform 'Housing Developer’s Panel' is a web-based dashboard that will help property sellers to monitor and manage leads in an effective manner, all within a single and convenient interface.

A real-estate rental and purchase app for everyone, and a discovery brand for people who hate going real estate agents, Housing uses fancy technologies to track down the places everybody wants, before everybody wants to be there.

To help Housing cater and manage content effectively across their platforms, they needed a powerful admin dashboard. We needed to work towards helping transform raw data into accessible information for millions of potential users, easily.

Brucira's Services

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Iconography and Illustrations
  • User Research
  • User Testing
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
Housing Dev Panel UI

The Challenges

The Housing Dashboard is a next generation CMS powered by advanced AI and ML systems. Housing challenged us to understand the app’s architecture and shape theapp’s user interface and experience.

To better understand the app’s flow and ensure we didn’t compromise any core product decisions.

Housing Dev Panel UIHousing Dev Panel UI

The Approach

We set out to make Housing Dashboard a sturdy and flexible tool for creating and managing properties and dynamic data online. It automatically structures content, making your information easy to follow.

Housing dashboard has brokers clicking, scrolling, and fully engaged. The interactive maps are simple to manage, fun to experience, and beautiful to behold on every device. Creators provide text and co-ordinates, Housing’s dashboard does the rest.

Our aim was to make the navigation easy to find and use, but subtle enough to let the leads stand out.

Housing Dev Panel UI

The Impact

Developer’s could now see their property performance by the climbing and falling of charts and visual data. It gave the end users extremely valuable insights on generated leads, and perform actions on them.

The result was a cohesive and powerful dashboard which together helped Housing achieve its expansion goals and secure a total valuation of over $200 million. At present the Housing Dashboard is used to list over 2,000 houses a day which will soon increase to 10K-12K houses every day.

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. The dashboard is built to go from the safety of a home into the messy world out there and live to tell the tale.

Since there was a strong need for listing management platform thus we included managing listings on the same platform. Contractors could see their projects and add new projects directly from the panel. The process was manual in which the platform hit the API to return property details and verifying the uploader of the property on Housing.

Organic leads irectly fill the Contact Modal of the property listed by that developer. People who've shown direct interest in the property are Organic leads. Organic leads have a high conversion rate.

Churn leads generated from interest showed by customers to other sellers while filing CRFs are not necessarily listed with the developer. However, it's not discardable info.

Contractors could now purchase both organic and churned leads from the same platform.