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Brand Overview

The Hold&Flip website is a tool to help users discover their dream home they didn’t know they were looking for.

Many people’s dream home plans start with Hold & Flip. With abundant content about so many home at so many destinations, we focused on helping users find what they’re looking for, even when they’re not sure what it is yet.

Intricasies of every home in one place: articles by travel experts, city maps, the most interesting neighborhoods, the most popular activities, and more.

Brucira's Services

  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Iconography and Illustrations
  • User Research
  • Mobile Web
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development

The Challenges

In a saturated market, people need an excessive set of options to choose from. Hold & Flip solves this problem — one that connects brokers and real estate agents with millions of potential buyers and tenants. The most important: To appeal to its natural audience, Housing needed to feel like a premium brand with an irreverent layer on top.

People had limited portals to go to, with limited listings, and the worst part: lacked substance to establish trust.

Hold and Flip UIHold and Flip UI
Hold and Flip UIHold and Flip UI

The Approach

Designing H&F’s website was to bring the vision to life with all its attitude and eccentricities intact, balancing style with thoroughly sleek and efficient user experience.

The second challenge was organizing all of H&F’s different views, data structures and combinations of content — places and neighborhoods, and guides — to create a product that would feel seamless and intuitive, both on the map and an informative context.

Hold and Flip UI

The Impact

Hold & Flip was extremely satisfied with the visual direction right from the Exploration days to the handover. The result is a sleek and smooth website with great intuition based navigations.

The extensive information on each listing is reassuring and establishes trust & good faith between Hold & Flip and their audience.

Hold & Flip is currently under development. We can’t wait to share the complete the project with you.

My experience working with Brucira has been excellent. Outstanding Development team are resilient. They have been very responsive and flexible. We’re now releasing many more features than we used to before we started the co-operation with Brucira. Next to the great job the design and development teams have been doing, Happy that it works so well and hopeful that we can cooperate on more projects in the future.


Ike Bam

Co-founder, Hold&Flip