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Groww-ing Users with Illustrations

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Brand Overview

Founded in 2016, Groww is a new-age investment platform for millennials offering investments in direct mutual funds at 0% commission. Over 8 million users trust Groww for research and investing in mutual funds. Now, as India’s fastest growing investment platform, Groww has 35+ partners in just four years. It has raised nearly $30 million from 13 investors including Sequoia Capital, Ribbit Capital, Kairos, Propel Venture Partners, and others.

Brucira's Services

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustrations
Groww illustration
Groww illustrationGroww illustration

The Need

Since Groww’s target audience was Indian millennials, the illustrations they required for their website needed to reflect maturity and practicality without compromising on the visually enthralling elements that draw someone’s eye to an illustration. Groww’s team clearly communicated that the illustrations needed to be polished, refined, and sophisticated.

The Challenge

Brucira’s task was to design and develop illustrations that offered users a visually appealing look into the process of investments. As most of Groww’s target users were aged 35 and older, these illustrations had to stray away from Brucira’s usual ‘cute & beautiful’ style to fit a more mature audience.

Groww illustrationGroww illustration
Groww illustrationGroww illustration
Groww illustration

The Approach

The first step of course was to accurately understand the service and the mindset of the target user. Groww offers a unique and intelligent way of investing in mutual funds which is often thought of as a complicated process. In contrast, the illustrations needed to communicate the simplicity of investing with Groww. Here are the next steps we followed:

  • Draft sketch: We researched, collected references, and analyzed them in order to accurately capture the USP of Groww’s service.
  • Setting the tone: We used positive imagery in the illustrations because it can make goals seem more achievable and actionable for users. This was done by creating characters with smooth body language and distinguishable rhythmic figures.
  • Choosing the right colour palette: In the final step, we chose bright yet cool colours that added to the maturity of the illustrations while complementing the brand colours.
Groww colorsGroww colorsGroww colors

The Solution

Brucira created pretty yet sophisticated designs for Groww’s web pages. These illustrations served as visual guidelines and anchors for different aspects/elements of the website.

Take a closer look at our creations here:

Groww illustration
Groww illustrationGroww illustration

The Impact

Brucira designed sophisticated yet appealing illustrations that perfectly matched Groww’s needs. These illustrations offered a stunning visual overhaul to the brand and was exactly what everyone at Groww had envisioned. Brucira’s work was so well-received that these illustrations are still being used on Groww’s website & app as well!

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