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Automate 3D printing with Chizel


Brand Overview

Chizel Prints is a digital factory for on-demand manufacturing using 3D printing & CNC. Brucira collaborated with the Product Lead and designed a one-of-its-kind platform that helps users share the requiremenrt in a simple file format, get a delivery quote and receive 3-D print consignment at his doorstep without any logistics cost.

Brucira's Services

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Web App
  • Mobile Web
  • Iconography
  • Illustrations
  • Typeface & Colour Scheme

Problems Faced

Although Chizel is a market leader in the domain and is known for high quality products, there was scope was simplification in the quote process. Due to the high cognitive load the main functionality of the app, which was to order 3D objects in different materials and colors, was not prominent enough. As a result, the user flow was slow moving and it also lead to high operations cost.


  • To make the main functionality (placing order & getting quote) more prominent.
  • Increase trust in the prototyping and process through creative design ideas.
  • Remove the multiple mailing steps as made the process lenghty and time consuming.
  • To reduce the overall clutter of the files and different screens without compromising on the content and information.
  • To improve the overall user flow and the ease of navigation.
chizel printschizel prints

Perceived & Delivered

  • Used hero image and supporting elements to bring out main functionality
  • Researched market and digged into user profiles of previous customers for better understanding of personas-uncovered their familarity with new technology in printing and product expectations
  • Provided paperless flow option to upload multiple files and process each file independently, which saved time and gave room for error correction.
  • Educated the user about different material options, suitability and process.
  • Created enhanced experience for returning customers by introducing archieves - saving history of requirement and delivery.

Important Links

Chizel has a complicated business model involving man, machine & materials across the supply chain. In one meeting Brucira understood our need of auto-quoting system and with its intelligent design thinking, we solved the problem for once and all. The cycle is now cut down to 3 days instead of 7, we save 40% on Ops cost. Per week we are now able to handle 6X more contracts. Above all our B2B customers love it. Refreshing and professional!

Yash Rane

Yash Rane

Co Founder, Chizel Prints