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Acing ATC’s Website Design


Brand Overview

American Technology Consulting (ATC) is a modern, avant-garde, cutting-edge, tech company headquartered in Iowa, United States. ATC scales enterprise businesses by creating innovative solutions such as cloud transformation, blockchain development, business intelligence, custom app development and robotic process automation (RPA). ATC builds custom software from scratch, seamlessly integrating it with existing environments without compromising on user-experience. These solutions address real customer problems — from ideation, and development to support and evolution.

Brucira's Services

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design

The Challenge

In today’s digital world, it is the need of the hour for companies to have a robust online presence. For a tech solutions company like ATC, a well-designed website would be the source of attracting new clients while delivering superior solutions to its existing customers.

ATC’s old website didn’t communicate much. It neither expressed its mission, nor its values. An outdated design, the website was inefficiently styled with templates and blocks. Far from attracting clients, the website’s old design turned away visitors and potential customers.

The Goal

ATC’s new website needed to communicate ATC’s core purpose: “Keep an eye on the future, innovate continuously and integrate disruptive technologies into breakthrough solutions."

Some of the aspects that Brucira needed to consider included:

  • Building a clearer message and a more cohesive brand strategy
  • Achieving a brand identity for ATC with the help of a new website
  • Creating a unique visual representation of the brand and setting it apart from its competitors
  • Adopting a simple approach that reflected their innovative solutions
  • Improving the overall user flow and the ease of navigation
atc ui designs

The Approach

Brucira evaluated ATC’s old website and noted the critical pain points. The pre-design process involves understanding the brand from a holistic perspective.

  • What is ATC?
  • What did the brand stand for?
  • At which levels did their users interact with the website?

After this preliminary analysis, we decoded the vibe (the look & the feel) that ATC wanted to portray with the website.

The brand needed a confident yet simple look while maintaining its sophistication and elegance. All the elements, including branding, typography, colour palette, photography, data visualisation, and the web structure needed to be mapped well to support the new and improved branding strategy.

atc branding

The Solution

We came to the realization that ATC, in addition to a new visual identity and website, also needed a clearer message and a more cohesive brand strategy.

The approach for the website set the standards for the rebranding strategy that was both innovative and relevant for their business goals. We repositioned the brand as the industry leader that they are. The new website displays their dedication to their mission and incorporates the unique blend of creativity and technology — something that distinguishes ATC from their competitors.

atc mobile design responsive

The Impact

The new, redesigned website was well received and highly appreciated by everyone at ATC, including senior members of the hierarchy. Brucira’s work on the website redesign resulted in a high-quality website that perfectly encapsulated ATC’s core brand values.

This new website has since become an important source of lead generation while continuing to deliver excellent performances for their existing clients and customers. The redesign has helped ATC’s brand strategy and business goals by making a great impression with both new and old clients.

With the new website, ATC's approachability has gone up several notches. We are able to better serve our existing businesses & create a welcoming environment for our potential clients as well. Achieving these two things together is a feat, delivered by Team Brucira. The website is clean, crisp, and vibrant - a cohesion of form and function. It just helped us amplify our goal of building solutions for real customer problems.

Darryl Jose

Darryl Jose

Founder, ATC