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Brand Overview

Backed by YCombinator, Nexus Venture Partners and Sequoia, Aerotime is a software which helps you streamline your team's workflow. It can automatically group meetings in blocks that free up time elsewhere on team members' calendars, receive and utilize feedback on ineffective meetings, automatically snooze notifications when needed, and prioritize your tasks. Collectively, Aerotime helps you increase your time available to engage in deep work and makes you more productive and get better results.

Brucira's Services

  • UI/UX Design
  • Animations
  • Iconography and Illustrations
  • Front-end Development
aerotime screenaerotime screen

The Need:

Aerotime has been rapidly growing and aims to become the market leader in their segment. However, their old website was not living up to the contemporary standards and aesthetics. It was not modern, minimal and user friendly. As their need was to increase the conversion rate, we created a modern website for them with a playful aesthetic which could connect directly with their users. We prioritized conversion throughout the process.

aerotime screen

The Challenges:

Aerotime is a popular brand in the US and the global market. One of the main challenges for us was to ensure that our deliverables are crafted with that originality. The landing page, animations, icons and illustrations had to be modern, minimal and playful. The end goal was to increase the conversion rate and strike a better connection with the users to take action.

aerotime screen

The Approach

We connected with the founding team of Aerotime for a brief discussion call. Through the same, we meticulously understood their requirements, their vision and mission. After aligning with the same, we started working on the low-fidelity wireframe, explore typography. Once that was in place, we explore colour palettes, tonalities and after a thorough research, we finalized them for the overall brand. Basis the colour and tone finalization, we designed illustrations, icons and animations for their landing page.

aerotime screen

The Solution

Keeping the end of goal of increased conversions in mind, we designed a user-friendly, modern yet minimal landing page and created animations to support this idea and ensured to give visual cues to the users to understand the offerings of Aerotime. In line with the overall brief, we sketched and created informative, inspiring and appealing icons, illustrations for Aerotime which made the landing more interesting Lastly with the intent to create a seamless and clutter-free website, we also developed their website along with designing the wireframe.

The Impact

Our modern yet minimalistic designs were well-received by the leadership at Aerotime. The intricate illustrations, imagery and icons that we had created for them ensured better user experience for their customers and it led to consistent increase in their rate of conversion.

aerotime screen